While I struggled with disordered eating habits for years, I am in recovery and daily striving to make healthy living a lifestyle. Join me!:)

I’ve created my very first bucket list. I think it’d be fun to challenge myself and my readers to do more fun stuff with your family! Are you up for the challenge?

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My Journey through PALEO : Day 1

There are so many reasons why I have decided to embark upon this Paleo journey. I suppose the overall reason is simply to get healthy.

My entire family has struggled with health issues for years. Chronic fatigue, chrones disease, digestion problems/bloating, food intolerance, etc. The main one is fatigue, and this is the one I have struggled with the most as well. I have also been a very disordered eater for years, which doesn’t help.

I am slightly nervous for this diet, mostly because I almost always fail when I do these kinds of things. It doesn’t help that I feel quite gross about my body right now, I have not been treating it kindly. I have been feeding it junk and foods that never agree with me, and I have put on about 5lbs as well.

This time will be different though. I am setting a doable goal..30 days. Some of you may heard of the Whole30, which is what I will be doing. I feel it’s important to include that I am a Christian, and I am counting on my faith in Christ and on his strength to get me through this. I am far too weak to do it on my own.

If anyone would like to join me in my journey, please do. I hope to log daily, including the foods I am eating and how I am feeling. I hope that this blog will hold me accountable! Here’s to day 1!!!:)


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